Magic Heart Shaped Bikini Enhancer

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Need that extra confidence boost at the beach or in that perfect dress? This is the only enhancer you need!
Get up to 2 breast sizes bigger and look better than ever this summer!

The Magic Heart Bikini Enhancer is the perfect solution for a quick lift. Its heart shaped design fits perfectly into bikini tops as well as your bra! It's a one size fits all solution. Just stick it on and immediately get that lift.

It's silicone adhesive sticks and stays in place all day long and is waterproof. You won't even realize you're wearing them nor will anyone else. Great for everyday use because of it's durable material.



  • It provides the ultimate boost for any bust line, having an instant cleavage and curves
  • Stay in place and waterproof, no more shifting, adjusting and falling even on water
  • Lightweight and breathable, reusable, made with soft cloth and silicone for long-wearing comfort
  • One size fits all

With silicone adhesives it will surely stay in place all day long, it can be worn comfortably every day in your regular bras as well as swimwear, lingerie, gowns, strapless tops and wedding dresses.


GREAT FOR PUSH UP — Just stick these bra inserts on the bra or bikini top. Under the breast for lift, or a bit to the side for cleavage. Get rid of sagging or loose hanging breasts.


How to use:

1. Tear off the protective film on the bra pads

2. Put the sticky side of the bra pads on the inner side of your bra

3. Put on the bra/bikini and simply enjoy a push up

How to clean:

1. Use clean water to wet the gel surface

2. Gently wash by had with neutral detergent 

3. Wash the foam and air dry in a cool place