Dog Paw Cleaner

Dog Paw Cleaner

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Do you often take your dog out with you? Your dog’s paws may get dirty and come back with mud, dirt, germs and chemicals, after outside activities (playtime, walks, hikes and trip to the beach).
This paw cleaner is an effective tool to quickly clean your dog’s muddy and dirty paws, to keep dirt from tracking your house, especially for those with upholstered furniture and carpets. Its soft silicone bristles will gently remove dirt, mud and more from your pet’s sensitive paws and feet to keep them clean. It keeps dirty paws out of your home and off your floors, carpet, furniture and car.
The paw cleaner removes contaminants that may irritate dog paws, keeping your dog healthy and happy. It is great for dogs that are not sensitive to having their paws touched.


  • Cleans dirty paws easily.
  • Soft silicone bristles gently massage your dog and remove dirt on the paws.
  • Simply rinse the cleaner after use.
  • Easy to disassemble for periodic cleaning. Simple to wash the interior of the cleaner and the removable bristles.
3 sizes available:
  • Small - opening diameter: 2.2" or 5.5 cm - designed for puppies, toy breeds and petite dogs
  • Medium - 2.5" or 6.3 cm - designed for Medium Sized Breeds.
  • Large - opening diameter: 2.9" or 7.3 cm - specially sized for Large sized breeds


  • Add water to the top row of bristles.
  • Put your dog's paw in through the opening, and down until it fits properly.
  • Gently rotate the paw cleaner, and then, rotate it in the opposite direction. You may also move the cleaner up and down while the bristles wash away the dirt.
  • After a thorough session, carefully pull your dog's leg out of the cleaner.
  • Dry your dog's paw with a towel.
  • Pour away the dirty water.



  • 1 x Soft Silicone Dog Paw Cleaner