CAT'CHA Floppy Fish

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Our cats get stressed and bored too.
CAT'CHA Floppy Fish™ is here to help with that.

perfect gift for your beloved cat(s)! Enjoy interactive play time with this Waggling Fish Toy for Cats. This fish toy will stimulate your cat’s natural instincts for fun and adventurous fun as it dances around with your kitty.

Eliminate cat boredom with this dancing fish toy that looks like the real deal. Made from soft plush material for fun and safe play session. Each fish comes with catnip inside which is sure to catch your cat’s attention every time!


Realistic Fish Simulation

Take a look at why the Floppy Fishy is your cats new favorite toy!

🐱Electronic Cat Toy - This moving fish cat toy flops and wiggles automatically, bringing your cat a lots of fun!

🐱Realistic Design- The fish kicker toy looks like a real fish. Your cat is going to love playing with these authentic looking fish toys, let’s start kicking!


Always rechargeable, refillable catnip, and made with high quality cotton, The Floppy Fishy is here to stay. Interactive and fun, give your four legged friends the toy of their dreams.

🐱Quality Materials- Made of cotton and short plush, it's soft and will keep your cat’s paws and teeth safe. Perfect for biting, chewing and kicking. No chemicals or hazardous substances inside. Suitable for both cats and kittens.

🐱Easy USB Recharging - NO More Wasting Batteries, an eco-friendly choice!

🐱Catnip Fish Toy- Stuffed with natural catmint that can makes your cat excited, relieve your cat’s stress and tension with fun, enjoyment and relaxation.

🐱Motion Detecting Motor Inside – Dances and waggles when played with, just like a fish straight out of water. Stops itself when left alone to save battery!

Our Moving Fish Cat Toy moves on its own
Self Moving
The FIRST Flopping Fish Cat Toy that moves on its own!

Floppy Fish Cat Toy is USB charged
Battery Powered
Easy USB recharging - NO more wasting batteries!

Floppy Fish Cat Toy has a built in space for catnip treats to attract your kitty
Refillable Catnip Pouch
Cat safe velcro pocket is easy to refill over and over again!

Our flippity floppity fish cat toy looks surprisingly similar to a real fish, flopping its tail on its own and keeping kitties entertained for hours!
Looks Exactly like a Fish!
The resemblance will surprise you!

Our Flopping fish cat toy is the perfect size for your kitty 11 inches long
Length: 30cm.

Your cats will love this soft, comfy, plush Dancing Fish Cat Toy
Made of Plush and Cotton.

Our Wagging fish cat toy is available in 4 variants.
Gerald, Ronald, Bill & George Floppy Fish Cat Toys