Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set

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Does your back need a little extra sitting, sleeping or walking support? No problem! The Acupressure Mat is here.  Tested & trusted by physicians. The Acupressure Mat helps to naturally relieve even the most stubborn, annoying, grit-your teeth aches and pains in your day to day life.

Similar to acupuncture, the Acupressure Mat & Pillow safely presses against the skin with over 8,000 rounded pressure points, helping the body release endorphins and oxytocin - the body's very own "happiness drug".

Simply lying on the mat for 10-20 minutes daily triggers the body's own natural pain killers, easing tension while providing feelings of joy, energy, pain, relief, calmness, and relaxation.

23 Reasons to Roll out Your Mat Today!

How does Acupressure Mat work?

When you lay on Acupressure Mat, thousands of acupressure points thoroughly massage your neck and back; melting tension, knots and spasms in the muscles. The feeling is very similar to that of a classical massage. Incredible results can be felt after just few sessions.

Acupressure Mat delivers the ultimate relief from muscle spams and tension - the main causes of pain in the back and shoulder area.
Another common cause of back pain is inflammation of the muscle fibers. Acupressure Mat reduces inflammation, helping to relieve chronic neck and back pain.
Finally, Acupressure Mat improves blood circulation, which floods the cells with oxygen and nutrients. This has a positive effect on not only the problem areas but on the whole body!

Acupressure Mat Material is made of 100% non-toxic plastic points, 100% high-quality thick cotton, and plant-based eco foam

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Product size

  • Mat: 66cm x 42 cm x 20cm / 26.0'' x 16.5'' x 0.8''
  • Pillow: 40cm * 15cm / 15.7'' * 5.9'' x 3.9''

Care Instructions:
Hand wash only in lukewarm water. Rinse by hanging on shower. Let hang dry.